Why Chatbots are your best friends during Christmas Holidays


2018 has been a year in which chatbots have become the must-have for every business that wants to compete in the market. Many articles and posts have praised the advantages that this tech tool has and how business strategies can improve if it is implemented properly.

But, have you thought about how a chatbot can make your Christmas Holidays much more relaxing?

Chatbots working on Christmas Day

Running a company involves big efforts and, if this company happens to be a startup, the work is, arguably, even magnified. Startuppers can have a hard time reserving time for themselves shaking off worries and restoring their mental and physical energies, even during Christmas Holidays.


Indeed, whatever your field of operations is, whether is sales, customer service or finance, digital markets don’t rest nor take days off. Opening your email account on the 27th to find hundreds of emails to sort out makes the coming back even more traumatic.

To this end, a chatbot is the perfect personal assistant. Indeed, the conversation flows that these tech tools follow are always structured, so they can move confidently from a topic to another. This feature allows the chatbot to sort every conversation. For instance, if you sell coffee, the chatbot could easily group all the orders in one folder, while all the customer service enquires would be in another. Accordingly, once you are ready to get back to work, you have already everything neatly grouped without the tedious task of doing it by yourself. From the customers' point of view, they would benefit from managing all the enquiries in one place.

Christmas is not celebrated by everyone

The world doesn’t stop because it’s Christmas. There are many people out there who don’t believe in this festivity. Maybe, they believe in a different religion, they are atheist or, simply, they don’t like Christmas. Neglecting this market is a missed opportunity. For these potential customers, the 25th of December is just another date on the calendar. And with all the public transportation stopped and most of the shops closed, how can they spend the day? Doing some shopping online.


To this end, Facebook chatbots can be very helpful. Picture this: potential costumers are browsing on the Facebook homepage looking at all these pictures of people celebrating Christmas/ To them, it’s a day like another but with most commodities and facilities closed. At this point, a chatbot from a company they liked before send them a message: "Hey, why don’t you give yourself a present today here are some of our best selling products!”.

Chatbots can be a resourceful tool to implement in your business strategy. From recalling Marketing to customer service, these tech tools have proven their worth and the benefits they bring to the company, even during the Christmas holiday.

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