55+ ways your business can benefit from chatbots

Chatbots have dominated the B2B and B2C market in 2018.

Become a must have for enterprises, this AI technology is a disruptive force that is changing the way people do business.


In 2016, the global chatbot market was said to be worth 190.8 million U.S. dollars worldwide, and it is forecast that it will grow up to 1.215 billion U.S. dollars in 2026, according to Grand View Research. The rush for chatbots has pushed major platform like Facebook, Slack, Skype, Microsoft Teams and more to set up developers’ platform, so, business can have their own bespoke AI tools on them.

Automated assistants have been around along time (the first one was project Eliza back in 1972), but, thanks to the innovations in artificial intelligence, these tools are opening their way in every company, big and small.

But, what are chatbots about? What can they do for your business? Why all the hype around them?

Here’s a list of 50+ ways your business can benefit from chatbots, grouped by macro-areas:

Chatbot and Customer Relation Management

CRM has to deal with the most important actor in the product process: customers. The right approach to CRM can represent the beginning of a long life and profitable relationship, while a misunderstanding can determine the end of it.

Customer Relation Management is one of the business areas that is benefiting the most the advent of this automated assistant. But, how this artificial intelligence technology will help your CRM?

  1. Customer Service.

  2. 24/7 available

  3. No waiting for customers for a member of the team to answer to an inquiry

  4. Quicker iter to sort enquiries out

  5. Personal Advisor for customers

  6. Retain information on customers to offer them better options

  7. A reliable source of information for customers

  8. More likely to avoid misunderstanding

  9. Neutrality

  10. Customer Loyalty

  11. Customer Retention

Chatbot and Sales

E-commerce can represent a huge boost in a company’s sales. However, customers find themselves alone throughout the acquisition process and might get frustrated when they don’t get easily what they want.

Chatbots can represent an innovative solution to this issue. Imagine the AI tool as your online salesperson, that guides your customers on your website and Facebook.

  1. Guide through the website

  2. Sales driven on the website

  3. Integrated in-chat purchasing process

  4. Sales through Facebook Messenger Chatbots

  5. Explanation of products through Facebook Messenger Chatbots

  6. Acquisition process started and finished on Facebook

  7. Quicker sales process

  8. B2B effective

  9. Customer Acquisition

Chatbot and Marketing


In the though world of marketing, marketers are always looking for ways of promoting brands that make them stand out from a cluttered competition. The advantages that these automated assistants can bring to the table might surprise you.

  1. Marketing tool

  2. Marketing products through Facebook Messenger chatbots.

  3. Trendy

  4. Increased Engagement

  5. Big Appeal on Millennial

  6. Re-marketing strategy on Facebook

  7. A consistent stream of new data

  8. Accurate data

  9. A better understanding of the market

  10. Better Marketing Strategies

Chatbot and Branding

External and Internal branding is crucial in every business strategy. The consistency of the values along both customers, employees and stakeholders. Chatbots can help you to keep consistency and present your brand in a new perspective.

  1. Positive impact on the website

  2. Humanisation of the brand

  3. A reliable source of information for employees

  4. Internal Branding

  5. External Branding

Chatbot and Human Resources Management

Internal relationships can be problematic. However, artificial intelligence can help you to avoid missteps and improve the general quality of relationships in the company.

  1. Reminder for internal tasks

  2. Better quality of Internal communication

  3. Sorting out meetings

  4. Employees might be more keen to talk to a bot rather than a human (in particular for sensitive topics)

  5. More likely to avoid misunderstanding between employees

  6. Avoid emails

  7. Avoid phone calls

Cross-department benefits of chatbots


Many of the advantages that chatbots bring to a company are cross-functional and every area of a business can benefit from them. Here’s some:

  1. Bespoke Chatbot for already existing platforms (Facebook, Skype, Microsoft Teams and more)

  2. Personalised user experience

  3. Cost-effective

  4. Low maintenance

  5. Tailored to the company needs

  6. Guide through a huge database

  7. Content provider for customers

  8. Easy to understand

  9. Adaptable to almost every business

  10. Likely to become a commodity for businesses

  11. Mobile friendly

  12. Tablet friendly

  13. Laptop friendly

  14. Time-saving

  15. Better planning of business strategy

This list presents only a few examples of what chatbots can do for your company. If you are interested in implementing this artificial intelligence technology, drop us a message!

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