Bumply is a social network built by our team at Strillobyte to support women during pregnancy. It was first released as an iOS app on the Apple Store in mid-2017, and on the Google Play Store for Android in December 2017. Since its first release, its users have grown steadily to around 2000 members all over the UK.

A problem worth solving


Our story with Bumply started in 2016, when Tomas, an experienced NHS obstetrician (and now founder of Bumply Ltd), reached out to us to discuss an idea: his wife Amy was pregnant, and over the years, he had seen many mums-to-be worrying and struggling to find reliable support throughout their pregnancy. It can be one of the most exciting times of our lives, but sometimes it can also be extremely overwhelming. Having someone to talk to about this life changing experience can make all the difference, so Tomas and Amy thought it was time to build a platform where mums could find and help each other, and get reliable information about all the different stages of their journey.

To make Tomas and Amy's vision come true, we applied a 4-step process.

The most important phase when building a new product is at the start. Clearly identifying your target audience, what is the problem to solve and how is crucial for the success of the whole idea. At Strillobyte, we focus on designing Minimum Loveable Products (MLP); so our approach is always to identify those features that the target audience will absolutely fall in love with. This allows us to iterate quickly, and continually improve a product over time based on feedback from real users.

When we met with Tomas and Amy to define the MLP for Bumply, it became clear that the focus was to help mums to easily find and connect with each other, while at the same time keeping some elements of security and privacy.

We agreed that a mobile app containing a visual map of the network’s members would be the most effective approach. Users could choose where to appear on the map (no location tracking), quickly look at each other’s profile, and eventually connect and initiate a chat, all within the app. Group chat would also be possible by creating ‘Events’ (e.g. a coffee or a brunch).

The second main feature that the MLP needed to provide was expert guidance on pregnancy.

This became a separate section in the app, with weekly articles relevant to the different stages of pregnancy, all written by real doctors and midwifes.

Having specified the content of Bumply’s first release, we set out to design a few ideas for the brand (logo, colours, tone of voice), and wireframes of the various screens of the app and how they would link and interact together.  After a series of reviews with Tomas and Amy, the final designs were agreed and the Bumply app was starting to take shape.

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