3 Lessons on London Startups we are taking with us from #StartUp2019

During the day, we had an incredible number of conversations with many entrepreneurs that were about to start their journey as innovators; we were happy to acknowledge that the startup scene in London is strong and diverse as ever. So, at the end of the event, we left with 3 valuable lessons that no one should neglect.

6 Myths on Chatbots Debunked

As the popularity increased, many misconceptions about chatbots rose and spread around the Internet. These “rumours” contributed to the scepticism towards this new technology and prevented to spread even further. Here, we are going to debunk 6 myths that are mining the potential benefits they can bring to as for business performances.

Strillobyte is a Living Wage Startup. This is why it is so important to us.

At Strillobyte, we strongly believe that businesses have to do their part to improve the world we are living in. To this matter, we built a chatbot as a pro-bono project for social enterprises (click here to learn more). However, we think that efforts have to be made to improve the company on the inside too. That’s why we decided to join the Living Wage Foundation Network.

The rise of the “appreneur”. What is it and how to become one.

The image that comes to mind when thinking of a successful business person would be probably the same for most of us. A person in a formal suit in front of a huge factory with thousands of employees. However, the Internet has very much changed this perception

How tech and AI can improve collaboration and team-working in the workplace

Countless studies have proven that collaboration and team-working can significantly improve a company’s performance. But have you ever thought about how tech and AI do you boost collaboration among your employees?

Why you should consider having a chatbot in your business strategy

Clients are demanding more and more authentic relationship with companies. From startups to large corporates, marketers are looking for tools to establish connections with their target audience to a personal level. To this end, chatbots might seem like an odd choice, but they can turn into a powerful resource for your business strategy. Here are 4 ways in which this artificial intelligence technology can help your company stays ahead of the competition.