Case Study: Delivering A Game of Growth

Game of Growth: how technology can support internal branding

A ‘choose your own adventure’ type of game, the Game of Growth was built by the Strillobyte team for Scarlett Abbott to help employees of one of their major clients appreciate the importance and complexity of business growth.

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The dynamics of growth

The growth dynamics of a company can be hard to understand, especially for those not at the executive level. Growth is complicated, multi-faceted, and unpredictable at times. Managers and CEOs have the challenge to take difficult decisions every day, and some of the factors that might favour one over another can be unclear to the rest of the workforce.

However, it is important for everyone in a business to appreciate the rationale behind certain choices, from budget cuts to investments in some areas of the company rather than others.

The importance of internal branding

Internal branding helps employees create an emotional connection with their company and its products or services. Without this bond, staff can become disengaged and lose interest over time, eventually degrading the level of service that is provided to customers.

On the other hand, when an emotional relationship exists and is nurtured, employees will become ambassadors of the brand. They can better identify themselves with the company’s values and objectives, and work together with renewed enthusiasm because of a greater sense of community, purpose and belonging.

A Minimum Loveable Product

Scarlett Abbott wanted to explain growth dynamics while promoting their client’s strategy and values. Accordingly, they designed a story in which each employee could play the role of CEO of their own businesses. Strillobyte then stepped in to turn their vision into reality.

As every project we take care of, the Game of Growth was created following a Minimal Loveable Product approach and an AGILE methodology.

These two frameworks work perfectly together, allowing us to better prioritise and manage the work so that we can build and deliver products fast, providing our clients with regular working updates of the software.

Time Delivery of Game of Growth

Having a winning idea is critical but a timely delivery also plays a huge role in the success of a product. The Strillobyte team worked hard to deliver the best service as quickly as possible. In just 3 weeks, the story concept for Game of Growth was translated into the final web game.

We launched Game of Growth on 27th November 2017, in English, with 16 different game endings and 4 leadership profiles. Shortly after, we added translations in 4 other languages including Polish, Italian and French.

In just two months (from December 2017 to January 2018), over 5000 users played 8000+ sessions, an average of 90 games a day, with 0 bugs or glitches recorded!

Game of Growth Facts

The Game of Growth was designed to increase employees’ awareness of the dynamics of the decision-making process that every manager goes through. The game also provided invaluable insights into the personality traits of employees, giving their managers an opportunity to work together on defining the best career path.

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