3 Lessons on London Startups we are taking with us from #StartUp2019

On the 19th of January 2019, we attended #StartUp2019, the biggest event on startups of the UK, organized by Enterprise Nation.


The event was hosted at the King’s College in London and it consisted in:

  • panels where to listen to entrepreneurial journeys, how successful startups manage to cut through the cluttered market and general business advice;

  • Exhibitions where you can feel and experience startups’ products;

  • Adviser zone, where you could get a face-on-face meeting with advisers to get tips on your startups or your ideas.

We had the pleasure to be one of the advisers.


During the day, we had an incredible number of conversations with many entrepreneurs that were about to start their journey as innovators; we were happy to acknowledge that the startup scene in London is strong and diverse as ever. So, at the end of the event, we left with 3 valuable lessons that no one should neglect.

1. No matter who you are, you can be an entrepreneur

The first thing that positively stood out for us at #Startup2019 was the diversity of people attending the event. As advisers, we had the pleasure to talk to a variety of innovators. We advised from students on how to get into the market with their disruptive ideas to aspiring entrepreneurs at a turning point in their life as they were starting a new career and life adventure.

In this time of political uncertainty and slogans that claim stricter borders, we were enthusiastic to meet entrepreneurs coming from all over to world to London. We were excited to see that London is still the place the fertile ground in the hectic and supporting British environment to realise their vision.

We also noticed a growing number of women fighting their way in a market that has been unfair towards them for a long time. We happily can say that the majority of the entrepreneurs we advised on were, in fact, women.

2. No matter the background, everyone can launch a startup

In 2019, it may be time to redefine tech entrepreneurship. At Strillobyte, we believe that entrepreneurship isn’t a 23-year-old in Silicon Valley coding all night. An entrepreneur can be anyone — and entrepreneurship can come from anywhere. You can run a tech company without a tech background and outsource it when needed.

At #StartUp2019, we were happy to see that our beliefs are reflected in reality. We advised many inspiring entrepreneurs that have the most disparate backgrounds. We talked to people who had to work in market research and were using the latest tech to revolutionise their industry; while others were making an even bigger step moving from being a cooker to having an entirely-digital startup.

3. No matter how cluttered the market is, new ideas are always coming

London has been and is the launching hub from where many startups. It has always been vibrant and fulfilled with innovative and creative ideas. However, in the last two years, we felt that innovators started giving up on the London scene because of political and economic uncertainty. We heard many entrepreneurs worrying about their business future while others simply thinking that it was not worth starting a business in a place like London anymore.


Luckily, at #StartUp 2019, the mood in the room was completely different. The attendees were eager to be advised on how to compete in the UK market with their innovative ideas. We gave business tips to many people on their startups, projects or just ideas. We were relieved to see a sparkle in their eyes that testifies that London and the UK is and will always be a place where dreams can come true.

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